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Few of the Logistics Functions you need to be Aware of

The two main roles of logistics are transportation and warehousing. Transportation management is concerned with the planning, optimization, and execution of the utilisation of vehicles to transport items between warehouses, retail sites, and customers. Transportation modes include water, air, train, and roadways. Not unexpectedly, transportation management is a complicated process that includes route…

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How To Start A Small Business Online?

There are a lot of challenges when speaking about business, especially online. Competitions are getting higher. Everyone is competing through their marketing strategies to target audiences. They have used marketing tools, such as social media marketing. But, how can you start a small business online? The secret is knowing the basics. What are…

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The Top 10 Reasons to Use SAP

Since the early 1990s, SAP has consistently been a leader in the business management software market. Not only is it the world’s largest provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, but it also is the largest business applications provider. 1.Cost reduction – By automating business processes, SAP software can help organizations save money…

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