Eat and run may not be a new phrase in the weight loss industry, but it is quickly gaining popularity as people seek new and exciting ways to lose weight. Betraying the common notion that bariatric surgery is the “quick fix” for people looking to lose weight, this phrase aims to shed light on the importance of diet and exercise. Along with getting your body in shape, this phrase also assumes you will have more energy than ever before.

When you 먹튀, you are setting yourself up for success. The two main components of this style of losing weight are light exercise and a healthy diet, so it is essential to stick to it. Many people who say they want to lose weight but who do not put forth the extra effort will fail in their endeavor. A healthy diet includes eating more fruits and vegetables while decreasing carbohydrate intake. When picking out a piece of fruit or vegetable, get the most colorful one. Not only will this help you with your diet plan, but it will also provide you with extra antioxidants and vitamins.

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People who run while they eat have been proven to burn more calories than those who just run without eating first. For example, eating an apple while on a jog will burn 2.3 calories per minute. If you were to run without eating anything beforehand, you would only burn 1 calorie per minute. Depending on your weight and how long of a run, the difference could be between 20-35 calories in one hour.