Calendars are generally used to know the date and to familiarize which part of the year currently running for knowledge. A calendar is needed for humans and if they don’t have then they could not know the date and time hence that will leads to various issues with respect to mental health.  Calendars are using since ancient times and there are many types of calendars are existed. Let us see the classification of calendars here in this article.

Actually, there are three kinds of calendars are used in ancient times. Those are Lunar, Solar, and Lunisolar. The day and night and also the different months will be calculated based on the position of the sun and moon. This practice was started in ancient times and based on that the calendars are named as mentioned above.

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  • Lunar Calendar: This type of calendar is used to know the time based on the moon’s monthly cycle. We all know the moon will have different phases from the new moon to the full moon. Hence the time will be calculated between these phases.
  • Solar Calendar: In this kind, the time will be calculated based on the solar year. Between the equinoxes and vernal the time is measured.
  • LuniSolar: This is the one which is measuring the time using the both sun and also the moon’s phase.

 Whatever the type modern calendars are made attractive by including the different beautiful images in that. The Lang Calendars are most famous for this and those contain the regular detail of the calendar and also beautiful images.